I was born in Leeds and grew up always with the dream of being a teacher. This came true when I qualified as a teacher and started out my career here at Greenmount in 2001.  Before coming back to be Headteacher at Greenmount in September 2017, I lived and worked in Bradford for 10 years.  I learnt a lot there and it was a fantastic experience but it is great to be back in my home town.

 What brought you to Greenmount:

I love the magic of Greenmount, the energy, enthusiasm and diversity of our school and community.  When the Headship was advertised I jumped at the chance to return. I love meeting past pupils who tell me what they are doing now and knowing I have been a part of that.

 What you like about being a Governor:

As an ex-officio Governor (the role comes with the job) it is my responsibility to give the Governors lots of information about school and to encourage and invite them into school to see for themselves what we are up to!  I am very proud of all of our children and staff and really relish this opportunity to ensure we are providing the very best.

 Your thoughts about Greenmount:

A truly wonderful place where we have lots of happy and talented children and staff in a diverse and harmonious community.  Every day is different and the comments from our children never fail to amaze me and realise how lucky I am to have the best job in the world!

What you believe the school vision to be:

Preparing our children for life ahead and ensuring they reach the peak of their potential.


I love shopping, reading and swimming.  My special treat is having a spa day when I can relax and have some time to myself.