Your background:

I was born in a place called Hillborough in Nothern Ireland and I went to a small countryside primary school. I always wanted to be a teacher and when I was completing my A Levels I had to work very hard in order to get into University to do my Teacher Training. After four years of teacher training I was finally qualified and I was able to become the teacher I always wanted to be! I have a sister who is 2 years younger than me and a brother who is 10 years younger! They both live at home with the rest of my family, including my Mum, Dad, Granny and Grandad and of course our Cocker Spaniel called Poppy!

What brought you to Greenmount:

I wanted to come to Greenmount because when I came for a look around, all the children were extremely polite and there was a great atmosphere. All of the teachers were nice and friendly and the classrooms are beautiful!

What you like about being a Governor:

I like being able to give my opinion about how we teach in Greenmount. It is great to hear all the amazing ideas that all the other governors have to make our school even better than it is!

Your thoughts about Greenmount:

Greenmount is like a home from home. Getting up early every morning is easy because Greenmount is such a welcoming place. The children at Greenmount are smart, friendly and very respectful to all the adults and the staff are like a big family. That makes Greenmount a great place to work.

What you believe the school vision to be:

I believe that at Greenmount our vision is that if you work hard enough, be resilient and don’t give up and try to do things for yourself you will succeed.


I have been playing the piano since I was 7 years old and when I go home most nights I like to sit down and play some lovely music to relax. In the holidays I tend to go to Northern Ireland a lot to visit my family and spend some time walking my dog. I love going to long walks in the countryside. I like to try lots of different foods and drinks from a lot of different countries and I like to try and cook some of them too! I like doing gardening and anything outdoors and I love to see all the children in school enjoying the gardening club.