Our children are Greenmountaineers striving to climb the mountain to success. We offer an adventure in learning that encompasses a range of skills to provide life long education and memories for all.

Statement of Intent

Early Years

Early Years Framework

In Nursery and Reception, we adhere to the ‘Statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage’. This is a set of standards which all Early Years providers must meet to make sure children are given the optimum opportunity to progress and develop, in a safe and healthy environment. To support the delivery of the framework, we use the non-statutory guidance ‘Development Matters’. This offers a top-level view of how children develop and learn and helps us to design an effective curriculum.


Phonics Policy

Phonics is taught through the Floppy’s phonics scheme. We have worked extensively with the Jerry Clay Hub to improve our phonics teaching.

Phonics is our top priority and is taught daily across EYFS and KS1 at 9am every day. Consistent routines and delivery ensure that children can join in and apply the reading routine and routines for blending and segmenting. The program offers opportunities to revise, rehearse and practise the key tools needed for reading and apply these with independence.

Children will further practise the reading routine in an additional practise in the afternoons in year one and two and with a ‘Speedy sounds’ revision session.

1:1 tuition is offered daily to ensure rapid progress and that children continue to keep up. Phonics teaching will be offered to all children until they are able to read with accuracy.

Matched texts (With sounds that match the phonics that has been taught) are read in guided reading or 1:1 and these are sent home for additional consolidation at home. We encourage children to read the book more than once to increase fluency and comprehension.

We offer parent workshops throughout EYFS and KS1 to enable parents to fully support their child at home.

Please see our phonics policy for more detailed information.


English Policy

Once children are reading with fluency they move away from matched texts and are encouraged to choose books from our year group libraries. We encourage children to find books that are ‘just right’ for them and staff support children in ‘sticking’ with the book. Children are giving the time and support to access their texts in daily Accelerated Reading sessions.

We use Accelerated Reader ZPD levels to ensure that children are reading books that are within their reading ability and once finished children quiz to assess their comprehension of the text.

Children are also supported in the skills of reading through guided reading sessions x 3 weekly where we focus on a key text or extract to unpick. Teachers cover a range of text types and assessment focuses within these lessons.

Reading for pleasure is encouraged and promoted throughout school in every year group through timetabled sessions with the teacher. A carefully chosen ‘Whole School Reading Spine’ ensures that children revisit authors, are introduced to new and bold authors as well as being exposed to the classics. Some of these texts are linked to the curriculum and some of these texts have been chosen as they are wonderful texts and we want them to be part of our reading offer to each child.

Maths is everywhere and is important in our daily lives. Here at Greenmount, we believe every child is a mathematician. We have a strong focus on promoting children’s depth of understanding and plan our teaching to build on children’s understanding and needs.
Our maths mastery approach is embedded throughout the school. Each class is equipped with a wide range of resources to support children develop a deep understanding of mathematical concepts. Manipulatives are frequently used from nursery through to year 6 to support this.
We provide a rich maths curriculum with a range of different resources to ensure learning is fun, challenging and rewarding for all pupils. Many of our electronic resources can be accessed in school and at home thus maximising pupils opportunity to learn.
We believe that for children to be successful mathematicians they need to develop strong number sense, be fluent in recall of number facts and have a positive growth mindset.

Creative Arts

At Greenmount, we understand creativity needs to be enriched with our children, so our art curriculum is not only topic based, but also allows children to discover and apply creative techniques they have seen in the art world. We use sketchbooks (profiles in EYFS) throughout the pupil’s time at school to show the journey of their creativity.

Music is taught by an expert teacher from Artforms from Nursery through to year 6. Each child has a timetabled lesson every week, with our intention for each child to be able to listen, play and appreciate music to a high ability by the time they leave Greenmount.

Drama is a highly effective way for children to explore different areas of the curriculum. During writing, PSHE and topic, children use different performing activities to explore different languages and situations.


Design Technology, Engineering, Computing and Science.

DTECS at Greenmount stands for Design and Technology, Engineering, Computing and Science. These subjects compliment each other when learning about the world. Through these subjects we encourage our children to ask questions, learn new skills and develop their understanding of how things work and why things happen.


Global Learning

At Greenmount our aim is to develop children who are global learners. We encourage children to be passionate about the world and to have self-awareness of their place within it. They gain an understanding of the Goals of Sustainability and to understand that their actions can affect the wider world. Global learning aims to encourage children to feel connected with the wider world, gain experience of debating and communicating with others from different communities and cultures and to be open minded and globally aware.  Every half term we work towards a ‘Sustainable Development goal,’ where we discuss what we can do to work together to work towards achieving the goals as a global community.

This year at Greenmount we have begun our journey in global learning. Through the British Council we have our partner school- Rwanyange Primary School in Meru, Kenya. Miss Hubbard and Mrs Redshaw were lucky enough to visit and teach in this school. Throughout the partnership we will be working together to gain awareness of the Sustainable Development Goals and how when working together we can have a positive impact upon the environment and the world.

Throughout the Connecting Classrooms project we aim to show children that the world really is a small place, children in other countries may live differently but we also have many similarities. No one is greater than one another, we are different and that is something to be celebrated. We look forward to continuing our global learning journey in the next school year.

Health and Wellbeing Team

PEPHSEHealth and Wellbeing


Geography is the study of everything around us. It is an important subject that teaches children about the planet on which they live. Greenmount children are always working hard to climb the mountain of learning in order to become competent, skilled Geographers. We have a strong focus on promoting children’s depth of understanding and plan our teaching to build on children’s understanding and needs through our 100% homework fact sheets, finding out what we already know at the beginning of a topic and key Geographical vocabulary displayed in each classroom. Geography lessons, in Greenmount, are fun and interactive and you can often see Greenmount children out and about learning about the environment in which they live. Our children begin their Geography journey in Nursery where they look at who lives in their house. By the time they get to year 6, they have a wealth of knowledge about their local environment and surrounding areas. They learn much more about other countries and the physical and human features of the world. It is our aim that the Geography curriculum develops children into amazing Geographers who have a deep knowledge, comprehensive set of skills and a genuine compassion for the Earth and all its wonders.


History is more than simple facts and dates, at Greenmount, we are all Historians! In our History lessons, we are detectives and use our enquiry skills to investigate the past in a meaningful way. It is important to know what events happened in the past that helped to shape the Britain and the world we know today. Our children, as Historians, investigate how to compare and contrast between “then” and “now“ and between different periods in History. Children are often encouraged ask questions about artefacts from different eras and use their own knowledge to help them develop their enquiry skills. Our children learn and examine how and why things have changed over time and investigate significant historical figures and expand their research skills. At Greenmount, we place more importance on developing children into critical, open minded thinkers who understand what happened and how it affects our world today.


At Greenmount, we believe that it is important that our children are aware of lots of different religions throughout the world and in their local area. We are fortunate to be a school which is full of different religions, languages and fascinating cultures and our inquiry based RE lessons allow children to investigate these further. We follow the “Believing and Belonging” syllabus, which provides children with a wealth of knowledge about different faiths. We understand that a fundamental British value is “Tolerance” and believe that by teaching children about different faiths, other than their own, will aid them in developing into understanding, informed and tolerant adults in later life. RE lessons offer a safe space for reflection, discussion, dialogue and debate through an inquiry-based approach led by an engaging question. Children use their skills of enquiry, as they do with Geography, History and Science, to investigate different religions and cultures. We enjoy learning about different religious festivals and especially enjoy going on visits to our local places of worship.

Our whole School Curriculum

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Whole School Literacy

In line with the with the Department for Education’s five-part definition, we promote the following British values at Greenmount Primary School;

  • democracy 
  • the rule of law
  • individual liberty
  • mutual respect
  • tolerance of those of different faiths and beliefs
British Values