Hello! Welcome to our school website

I have the great privilege of being the Headteacher of Greenmount primary school and feel very proud of our friendly, popular and caring school that is filled with enthusiastic and dedicated pupils. We have an equally happy team of staff who are highly skilled and committed to providing high quality teaching and learning to all of our pupils. Children are ‘praised loudly and blamed softly’ and learning is celebrated.

Our pupils are proud to be ‘Greenmountaineers’ as they are all challenged to be the best they can be through ‘an adventure in learning’. Our ‘CLIMB’ ethos ensures we all strive towards the same values: Confidence, Learning, Independence, Motivation and Belief. All pupils are encouraged to have a voice through embedded oracy activities in all areas of the curriculum to share their ideas and to listen to views of others.

We value our diverse and multi-cultural community and use this as a driver to develop tolerance and respect. We value our supportive families and the wider community. We all share the same goal of every child fulfilling their full potential regardless of any barriers to their learning.

Our pupils are nurtured, well supported and challenged through our broad and balanced curriculum. We have high aspirations for our pupils to have a love of learning, curiosity, independence and life skills throughout their time at Greenmount and life beyond.

Our curriculum provides lots of enrichment opportunities through Drama, after school clubs, weekly music lessons led by a specialist teacher, weekly Bushcraft sessions, inspirational visitors in school and regular trips. Children learn through real life experiences and we believe that these vital opportunities help children to find out about the World beyond their school; to ensure they have opportunities to write and talk about as well as memories that last a life time.

I am sure our website and Twitter page (@Greenmountsch) will give you a great window into our school. If you would like to visit us in person please contact our school office on 0113 2760 771.

Kind regards,

Mrs Dixon