Welcome to
Class R Helvellyn

Welcome to Reception Helvellyn! We are a class of 30 eager learners ready for all that this year has to offer. Our teacher is Mrs Lee and Miss Blay is our teaching assistant. Mrs Mir is also part of the team and covers for Mrs Lee’s non-contact time two afternoons per week. In Reception there are plenty of opportunities to learn through play, whether it’s in the water, home corner, construction or outside being physical. This year is also important as we learn how to read, write, count and ask questions about the world around us. Parents are especially important as you help us on this journey! We look forward to working together and showing you our progress throughout the year to come.

Welcome to

Class R Crinkle Crags

Welcome to Reception Crinkle Crags! We are a class of 30 lively children who are eager to learn. Our teacher is Miss Hubbard and we have Mrs Jakeman helping us too.  In Reception we learn through play, and have lots of areas of provision where we do this. We have lots of fun at school, we like reading and listening to stories, both as a story time and in our reading provision. We are a really creative class and enjoy creating masterpieces using paint, glue and other design materials. Some of us enjoy constructing, where we make some impressive models. We like to be outdoors whatever the weather and exploring our great outdoor area. This year is really important for us to learn how to read, write and count, we look forward to working with our parents on this journey.

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to RH

RH is a lovely, happy class of 15 boys and 15 girls. Our teacher is called Miss Hubbard and our Teaching Assistant at the moment is called Mrs Bostan.
We love playing with each other, being creative and learning about the world around us. Some of us can already write our names and draw some lovely pictures- we can’t wait to get practising our phonemes that we have learnt in Phonics.


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