Your background:

I have recently retired after working for over 40 years in the electronic security industry, in various positions in engineering, sales and marketing and management.

I have lived in Leeds all my life, and brought my four daughters up here. I am a keen runner and cyclist and this is how I spend most of my spare time.

I have been a school governor for around 17 years and in my role as a National Leader of Governance I was asked to support Greenmount at a time when there were many changes taking place.  I became involved in school to support my own children’s education and I feel the experience I have gained should be used to support others.

What brought you to Greenmount:

When I first arrived at Greenmount I felt that it was full of polite, well behaved children who seemed to be attentive in lessons and benefitting from the calm and purposeful atmosphere.   My feeling is that Greenmount has a great deal of potential and is on a journey to become one of the best schools in the area.