I was brought up on a farm on the outskirts of Sheffield where I lived until I moved to Leeds 20 years ago. I have been in the construction industry for those 20 years as a Quantity Surveyor and am currently a Commercial Manager, managing a £35m capital budget for Northern Gas Networks.

I live in Rothwell with my wife Kate and 4 year old boy, Danny.

What brought you to Greenmount:

I wanted to give something back to the community and firmly believe my career experience has given me the tools to effectively manage both budgets, processes and people.  I applied through a government programme and Greenmount invited me to come and have a look – I loved the kids, the teachers and the atmosphere and wanted to be part of it and making it a better place for kids to learn.  Selfishly, I have a son who was about to enter the education establishment – so wanted a head start if you like into what is involved in the running of a school.

What you like about being a Governor:

I love the fact that I can make a difference.  I wasn’t a high achiever at school and left with no qualifications – but had a day of reckoning and now have a degree and hold down a very demanding and fulfilling job – I believe I left school in that manner because nobody had faith in me – I want to be part of something that DOES put faith in the pupils and does maximise their potential.

Your thoughts about Greenmount:

Greenmount School is an incredible place.  It is bang in the middle of a thriving and vibrant community and is served by those around it.  You can hear the buzz when you walk in the school – I want that buzz to intensify!

What you believe the school vision to be:

To educate and teach individuals to be well rounded and good individuals and prepare them to be the best they can be for big wide world they will one day hopefully be able to influence – with a smile!


The little amount of time I have after work and being a dad…I am an avid motorsport fan, a keen photographer and stargazer.