I am currently a director at Ashmans Solicitors which is a practice with offices across the
country where I work as a Solicitor and High Court Advocate. I have appeared and presented
cases in many courts in the UK including at the Court of Appeal.

I have lived most of my life in the Beeston area and continue to do so and therefore have a
good understanding of the needs of the community and the challenges it faces.

What brought you to Greenmount:

I have a particular interest in Greenmount as I attended the school as a child and went on to
send my own children to the school one of whom continues to attend. I am interested in
ensuring that all children who attend this school are able to access a good education in order
to provide the best platform for a successful and prosperous future. Greenmount has a proven
track record of providing a good quality education and I wish to assist in ensuring that continues.

What you like about being a Governor:

Having obtained a number of qualifications myself I know how invaluable a good education
can be in opening doors. Being able to have an input to ensuring future generations are able
to access this type of education is something which would allow me to give back to the
community that has given me so much. Every child deserves a safe environment in which to
be given a good education and this is a position that will allow me to contribute in ensuring
this is done and that all children achieve their full potential.