Your background:

As a child we moved around a lot and lived in lots of different countries, I enjoyed learning about other cultures and countries and was amazed at how people would welcome you into their lives.  As I grew older, I wanted the world to be fairer and to continue to work with people from lots of different cultures.

I started out working in banking but found it a bit boring; every day was like the day before.  So, I retrained as a Primary Teacher where every single day is different.  I’m a headteacher now and enjoy helping others and supporting children to grow into responsible and courteous young adults with a zest for life.


What brought you to Greenmount:

My first teaching role was down the road from Greenmount and I loved the area, the community and the children, that was late 1990’s and we often worked collaboratively with Greenmount which was an excellent school.  I was invited to become a governor and couldn’t wait to see how the area had changed in the last 20 years; it’s still an amazing area filled with great children and adults who really care about supporting children.