We aim to ensure all of our children develop a genuine love of language and the written word through engaging them with high quality texts that broaden their knowledge and understanding of vocabulary and spark their imagination.

Our intentions in Writing are for children to:

Appreciate how widely writing is used in everyday life and be inspired by the works of award-winning authors

See writing as an interesting and enjoyable process

See themselves as real writers and take ownership by developing the skills to shape language, making deliberate and precise choices for a range of purposes and audiences.


Children will leave our school having explored and engaged with a range of high-quality texts throughout their primary school career and will have experienced being a writer of successful pieces of writing with specific purposes and audiences.  They will have gained knowledge of a varied vocabulary that they can use with precision across the curriculum and can apply spelling rules and grammatical concepts in their work.  Children talk enthusiastically about the texts they have explored and the ones they have written. They will leave us with the skills to communicate confidently for a range of purposes and audiences enabling them to be ready for the world of work.

We will implement this through:

At Greenmount, high quality engaging texts are at the heart of implementing our Writing curriculum.  Enthusiastic teachers use these texts to motivate, inspire and spark imagination in children and provide opportunities for children to develop their understanding of a wider range of vocabulary.  Teachers plan ‘experience’ opportunities to deepen their understanding of settings, contexts and scenarios and use high quality texts as good examples of how to use vocabulary, grammar and authorial technique to have the required impact on the reader.

We teach the National Curriculum, supported by a clear skills and knowledge progression to ensure these are built on year by year and sequenced appropriately to maximise learning for all children.  Pupils are taught discrete punctuation and grammar skills, appropriate to their year group, in the context of the text they are exploring, allowing them to identify, practise and consolidate grammatical understanding while being immersed in a text.

Children have opportunities to write at length, in extended, independent writing sessions, applying their taught skills to an unsupported piece that has a clear audience and purpose for writing.

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