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to 1 Suswa

Our class is named Mount Suswa! We are named after a mountain in Africa. We are very lucky to have links to an African school and we are sent lots of photos and information about them. We will be sending them some of our work too!

In Year One we love phonics and reading! We use Floppy’s phonics and work on our reading routines every morning. It’s really important that we read our books at home and the children are already climbing our reading mountain for trying so hard.

In maths we love to use manipulatives to represent numbers, count, add and subtract. We start every lesson with lots of fun counting games and number recall.

We have a really exciting curriculum in year one and we learn about Beeston, the first moon landing, old toys, the Queen and about hot and cold countries!

We like to enquire and find things out by ourselves. We spend a lot of time asking questions and studying special objects and love to carry out investigations. We spend a lot of time talking in our classroom. We love to share words, phrases and ideas and we know it’s important to practise our talk to use it effectively. When we are excellent talkers we will be excellent writers and we love to use books to help us write exciting stories and non fiction.

Our teachers are Mrs McGuire (Mon, Thurs and Fri) and Mrs Springthorpe (Tues, Wed) and Mrs Rehman and Mrs Ahmed help us every day. Our teachers are already very proud of us for being Greenmountaineers already. What a fantastic year we will have!

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to 1 Kipipiri

1 Kipipiri are named after a mountain in Kenya, we think it sounds like Hipipooray! Our teachers are Mrs Springthorpe on a Monday and Miss Green Tuesday-Friday. The other adults in our class are Mrs Bushell and Mrs Mir. We are a hard-working, busy class that loves to complete challenges in our provision areas and if we have shown good use of our ‘CLIMB’ skills we get to choose a treat from the mechanics jar! We share the outdoor space with 1 Suswa where we get to be very creative! We are very good at phonics following the ‘Floppy Phonics’ scheme and we are getting very quick at our speedy sounds. We also like counting to different songs!

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to 1A

In 1A we have 20 bubbly girls and 10 boys who are all very creative and love to learn new things. Miss Ackroyd is the class teacher and Mrs Ahmed is our teaching assistant. We love learning about people, especially artists such as Salvador Dali, Picasso and Jackson Pollock. We have recently been learning about plants and have really enjoyed doing on nature walks around our local park.

Year 1 

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Year 1 

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