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Year 4 Enamuka

We are 4 Enkamuka and our teachers are Mrs Metcalfe and Mr Mahmood. Our class is named after a peak in Kenya that is 2,308m high. We are energetic and love to play sports at play times. We are very artistic and enjoy experimenting with different media to create images and drawing to help us plan our writing. We practise mindfulness daily to focus our energies and to build our resilience and self-belief.

Welcome to

Year 4 Sodang

We are 4 Sodang and we are named after a mountain located in Kenya. Our teacher is called Mrs Hughes and our teaching assistant is Mrs Majeed. In our class, we have a passion for learning about new things, especially those that we can relate to. We try very hard to be independent and take responsibility for our learning, enabling us to progress and CLIMB the mountain like true Greenmountaineers.

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We are ten boys and seven girls. Our teacher is Mrs Metcalfe and our teaching assistant is Mrs Begum.  We are super friendly and have a positive attitude towards our work, always giving something a try. Our topic this half term is potions and we have already enjoyed learning about solids, liquids and gases, designing and sculpting a magic potion bottle out of clay and writing labels to persuade someone to drink it.  In Maths we are problem solving using 4-digit numbers and we explain, convince and justify our answers to our friends and adults in the class.  We are also working on learning our times tables. 

We are currently running an election for our class School Council representative.  Who’s manifesto will win the class’s votes?

Year 4 


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Year 4 


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