At Greenmount, we believe that it is important that our children are aware of lots of different religions throughout the world and in their local area. We are fortunate to be a school which is full of different religions, languages and fascinating cultures and our inquiry based RE lessons allow children to investigate these further. We follow the “Believing and Belonging” syllabus, which provides children with a wealth of knowledge about different faiths. We understand that a fundamental British value is “Tolerance” and believe that by teaching children about different faiths, other than their own, will aid them in developing into understanding, informed and tolerant adults in later life.

RE lessons offer a safe space for reflection, discussion, dialogue and debate through an inquiry-based approach led by an engaging question. Children use their skills of enquiry, as they do with Geography, History and Science, to investigate different religions and cultures. We enjoy learning about different religious festivals and especially enjoy going on visits to our local places of worship.


Have respect and an open-mindedness towards other faiths and beliefs

Understand key beliefs of the prominent faiths to live in a multi-faith society

Appreciate the ways in which beliefs influence people in their behaviour, practices and opinions

Recognise the role of religions in the cultural practices of local, national and global communities


Develop a religious vocabulary and recognise a range of significant symbols

Understand different religious world views, and be able to reflect on what they mean for people

Make links between their own lives and those of others in their community and in the wider world


Visiting places of worship

Viewing online images and videos of global pilgrimage sites

Studying religious artefacts

Reading sacred texts

Using drama to retell key religious stories to understand their significance

Meeting visitors from local religious communities

Taking part in whole school events- (multi-faith days, Harvest Festival, school performances)

Comparing religions and worldviews through discussion