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Class 5 Krakatoa

 We are Year 5 Krakatoa. Krakatoa is an island in Indonesia which was formed from three volcanic explosions in 1883. The island is 3 miles wide and 5.5 miles long, when the volcanoes exploded, gas and debris fired 15 miles into the air!
Our class is much less explosive than Krakatoa in 1883 but just as lively and interesting! We have 13 boys, 15 girls, one teacher called Miss Roffe and one teaching assistant called Miss Ali. We are all very well behaved and hardworking and we show resilience and growth mind set by never giving up and always trying to be the best we can be.

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to 5 Aconcagua

We are 5 Aconcagua! Our teacher is Mr Laffin and our learning assistant is Miss Sultana. In our class there are 28 children and we are ready and willing to climb our learning mountain! We will be learning lot of new and exciting things this year in lots of different subjects. We will be looking after the school garden and growing lots of delicious and healthy fruit and vegetables to share with the rest of the school. We are looking forward to lots of exciting trips, especially our residential in Summer! In 5 Aconcagua we are going to work hard this year to become experts at the CLIMB – Confidence Learning Independence Motivation and Belief. Thank you for visiting our page!

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to 5 Damavand

Welcome to 5 Damavand. Mount Damavand is the highest peak in Iran and the highest volcano in Asia. Damavand is said to have magical powers and I know, as a class, 5 Damavand will be magical this year and be erupting with ideas, creativity and success.

Myself, Mrs Redshaw, alongside Mrs Bhardwaj, will support and teach the children in our class how to be independent and confident learners who are motivated to learn and believe in their own potential.

Year 5

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